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    Huacheng people sticks to "sincerity, harmony, dedication, perseverance, innovation, sustainability" enterprise spirit and values, fitted with people-oriented management system. To understand and help the difficulty and poverity of others is the behavior criterion of the enterprise. Huacheng always serves the local society and make contribution to hometown, which won the recognition and praise of leaders at all levels and the customers. The enterprise has won the "Star Enterprise in Henan Province", "Top 50 Industrial Enterprises", "Credible Enterprise of Henan Province", "World Outstanding Chinese Businessman Association" director unit, " Famous Brand Products in Henan province" and other honors.
    New start, new dream, Huacheng will still adhere to "honesty, harmony, dedication, perseverance, innovation, sustainability" enterprise spirit, to innovate and scale new heights, and to make Huacheng products the excellent quality and famous in the world.